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Ballerina for You

Today i am showcasing my collection of ballerina. I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style. i don’t know if it’s because of black swan (which i still haven’t had time to see…) but the world seems ballerina-obsessed lately. I decided to channel my inner ballerina by donning some tulle, sequins, and…read more
Fashion Hairs, Fashion Style

Embrace the Eccentric Look with Mary Seng Ideas

Today im all set to bring before you my new post which is all about stylish, cheap & best embrace the eccentric look with mary seng. I never intended being a business person i wanted to be a fashion designer. i enjoy fashion. As society embraces a less-expected look, people have become more comfortable with dressing against prescribed norms in…read more
Fashion Hairs, Fashion Style

Beige Style

Today i have a fabulous collection of beige. for slaves to fashion, the rules are made to be broken. I have been following the same, monotonous routine day after day… and it’s really been getting me down. Post-university depression, perhaps? Ha – in any case, the title of this post is reflective not only of the colors i’m wearing, but…read more